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Photovoltaic and thermal systems - CLEAN ENERGIES DEVS
Information displaying - MASTER SoA MONITORS



Photovoltaic solar energy

The energy is transcendental for life on Earth.
The Sun is the source of energy from which life on earth develops. Plants use it directly from the origin of their existence. Why don't men do the same? Before we did not know how but today we already know enough, and in the near future we will learn more to take advantage of it in a much more efficient way.

Aptiel is dedicating their best efforts to help take advantage of the most recent avancement in photovoltaic solar energy, and thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. We integrate auto-consumption solutions in which families can live using only the clean energy that they themselves produce.

For this, we are present on the technology of photovoltaic panels and on sun simulation tools triyng to improve their performance and features.

The Technology

The Quantum Dots are already being used to stabilize the new solar panels made with perovskite that provide extraordinary yields.
Aptiel already uses Quantum Dots in the panels of its new monitors given their extraordinary colorimetric qualities. For this reason, in the evolution of PV panels, Aptiel is oriented towards the application of both perovskite and Quantum Dots technologies, in the PV system solutions it proposes.

The reference system: AP-121A Isolated Photovoltaic Solar System for Auto-consumption.

It is a type of isolated photovoltaic system that integrates 450Wp photovoltaic panels, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and an inverter, providing all the electrical energy that a 250 m2 single-family home needs both in winter and in summer.The main features are:

Generated electrical energy:
· 21 KWh/day on average in winter.
· 60 KWh/day on average in summer (increase used for air conditioning system, pool and irrigation pumps).

Supplied electrical power:
· 18KW at 220V AC to feed all the simultaneous consumption of the house, including heating with a heat pump, domestic hot water and air conditioning in summer.

· Up to three days to cover the possible lack of sunshine during that period of time. The system can be customized to your particular energy needs.

Ask APTIEL for your AP - 121A System configuration and forget your electricity bill forever

Sun Simulation

Information presentation technologies, especially those based on Quantum Dots, are a way to achieve almost perfect solar simulators, given the brilliant performance of Quantum Dots and the simplicity of their control. This, combined with the experience of Aptiel's staff in the development and certification of products subject to very precise specifications, allows them to work on the development of a class AAA+ solar simulator based on Quantum Dots technology in order to offer developers of PV panels and certifying agencies a tool up to date, that meets the requirements of simulators of this level.

Thermal energy

Aptiel, within its objective of collaborating in the protection of the environment, also includes solutions for the use of other clean energies, such as heating by wood fuel, for heating homes.

The reference system: ENVBIOMASS-122

Clean energy
ENVBIOMASS-122 provides a reduction of greenhouse gases of 92% and a reduction in the emission of particles, gaseous organic compounds, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the air until values around 40% lower than the limits established by the European Union.

The system
It is a Woody Biomass Heating System capable of supplying the heat energy necessary to thermally condition a single-family home, using a solid fuel local heating device with a closed front part (hydro stove for wood burning), connected to a set of high temperature radiators distributed throughout the rooms of the house. The System also includes a domestic hot water accumulator connected to the hydro-stove.

The main parameters of the system are:
• Guarantees thermal comfort of 22ºC to 24ºC (RITE recommendation) inside the rooms of a 230 m2 house with an average outside temperature of 4ºC at the worst time of the year.
• Burned thermal power: 34.4 KW.
• Rated heating power: 28.1KW.
• Efficiency: 81.5%.
• Direct to air power: 10.7 KW.
• Domestic hot water production: 14 l/min. It covers the consumption of a total of six people.

The ENVBIOMASS-122 contributes to eliminate forest mass that can be fuel for fires in summer and to reduce greenhouse gases, all with a significant reduction in costs in relation to other fuels.
This is a type of solution promoted by the European Union that finances them within the Next Generation EU fund.

Ready to install
Aptiel can design, supply, install and certify this type of solution with engineering criteria, and can help you in the process of submit the request for funding.



The professional monitors for the future

Monitors are the way to display the information provided by most of the systems.

The fidelity with which the information is displayed on the monitors is transcendental in many cases of the professional applications. Such is the case of Grade 1A monitors for audiovisual systems, or ECDIS monitors used to display chartography in navigation systems.

Aptiel is compromised to put at disposition of the professional of these areas the state of the art of the technology developing new monitors that improve the performances of the current ones, eliminating important limitations in colorimetry, flicker, contrast or homegenity of brigthnes. Today it is posible and Aptiel can provide this type of monitors.

MM122 - OLED Display Monitor

We can provide MM122-OLED Display Monitor tailored to satisfy the navigation applications requirement for colorimetry, flicker, contrast, brightness and the environmental requirements.

MM422 - QLED Display Monitor

We continue integrating the last display technology advances. Next step will be our MM422 display monitor with Quantum Dots Tech oriented to the profesional audiovisual market too.

Within the framework of the national Plan to Promote the Audiovisual Sector: "Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe", Aptiel is executing a project with reference "SAV-20221026 - Development of a monitor with emerging technologies for professional audiovisual applications".

This project aims to develop a monitor that improves those currently in use by applying the state of the art of image generation technology. To do this, it intends to incorporate the emerging technology of QD OLED image panels, which is the lastest advance in technology applicable to monitors for audiovisual applications. The project will include carrying out all the necessary development activities with the general objective of having a certified monitor prototype with QD OLED technology, whose reference will be "MM422x", which will allow it to launch its production and commercialization, and compete with advantage in the monitor market for professional audiovisual applications.

With an expected duration of 24 months and with a total budget of 409,552€, the project is subsidized by the CDTI, and is being supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.